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Integration of RFID Library products for secure system including RFID Tags, RFID Reader.


We provide complete solutions to Libraries with RFID solution along with front-end using Koha, DSpace for library integration.


We provide satisfactory service to all the RFID Products.


We provide Koha, DSpace for library integration.

2CQR India are library specialists offering RFID for library, RFID Tags, RFID Solution for Library Management, RFID reader for library, RFID Automation for Libraries, Software, Products and Services for libraries of various kinds.

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) Implementation for libraries

The concept of a “library” has practically disappeared and the modern learning environment is as much virtual as tangible. On campus the challenge is to create unrestricted learning spaces where interaction with physical resources is made as simple as possible. In an increasingly “virtual” learning environment RFID offers the opportunity for readers to interact with the physical assets too.
We 2CQR INDIA offer solution that fit seamlessly into the environment. Whether you use RFID or just barcodes your stock can be made available 24/7 and returns dropped off at one of our automated units – even if the building is closed. Using RFID to return items is both simple for your users and more reliable for your staff as items can be sorted into any of 255 categories for re-shelving, reservation or disposal.
Libraries are changing and in every sector the challenge is to do more with less. Technology can help to overcome the shortfall in human resources but making the wrong investment can damage a service irreparably. Our RFID package provides a solid starting point for implementing RFID technology in your library.

RFID Library Technologies

The idea of RFID can be simplified to that of an digital barcode and can be used to pick out, tune or locate library holdings on the move. Its eases the desk and in the every day stock renovation. This technology include smart RFID tags, hardware and software program. RFID provides libraries with extra powerful way of managing their collections at the same time as offering more customer support to their purchasers.


  1. RFID tags replace both the EM security strips and Barcode.
  2. Simplied patron self check-out / check-in.
  3. Ability to handle material without exception for video and audio tapes.
  4. Radio Frequency anti-theft detection is innovative and safe.
  5. High-speed inventory and identify items which are out of proper order.
  6. Long-term development guarantee when using Open Standard.

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