Library Advisory Committee

Library plays a vital role in supporting the academic programmes of the institute. It identifies, evaluates, procures, processes and then makes these learning resources available to the faculty and students for their teaching, learning and research assignments. That is why, Dr.S.R.Ranganathan, father of library Science development in India has said that the Library is the trinity of Learning Resources,for Faculty/Students and the Library Staff.

Library Advisory Committee (LAC): The function of the Library Advisory Committee is to support the functioning of the library so that it can facilitate the library development plans by advocating the library development activities with the management. This is to act as a channel of communication and dialogue between the Library System and its users. The Committee’s main objective is to aid in the establishment of a bridge between the Library and the academic fraternity and the institute management. The Library Advisory Committee (LAC) is to be appointed by the Head of the Institution.


The Assistant Director will constitute the Library Advisory Committee. Library Advisory Committee Members are mentioned below.

S.No Name School/Department
1 Dr.Maya Rathanasabapathy Asst. Director, Library
2 Dr.Tholkappian S Library
3 Dr.Yamini Sreevalli I SMBS (Civil)
4 Dr.NeelaNarayanan V SCSE
5 Dr.Mini Gosh SAS (Mathematics)
6 Dr. Chandrasekar G SAS (Chemistry)
7 Dr. Shankar G VITBS
8 Dr.Sanji Das SAS(Physics)
9 Dr.Gopinathan N Chief Warden
10 Prof.Kanimozhi G SELECT
11 Prof. Srivatsan K SENSE
12 Prof.Gobinath N SMBS (Mechanical)
13 Prof.Rajkumar N VITLS
14 Prof.Evangeline Sabina Rajasekar SSL (English)
15 Mr.Visweswaran G CTS
16 Mr.Naveenkumar J Purchase