2cqr does Koha installation, configuration, data migration and customizing along with complete hands on training on the usage. We also help to cataloging the books into koha.
Features of KOHA:
  • A full featured  modern integrated  library software (ILS).
  • Customizable web based opac.circulation system.
  • Award winning and free/Open-source Software.(no license fee).
  • Online reservation.
  • OS independent any operating system. Linux, Unix, Mac.
  • Full catalogue, circulation, acquisitions, library stock management.
  • Web based. Web-based Interfaces. We can integrate with website.
  • Web based OPAC, public to search the catalogue.
  • Full MARC21 and UNIMARC support for professional cataloguing.
  • Major industry-standard database type (text, RDBMS), SQL,MYSQL.
  • Multilingual and multi-user support
  • Serial management module. 
  • Library-Standards-Compliant. industrial standards & protocols.
  • Print your barcode.
  • Z39.50 server.
  • Export and import records, ISO2709

Why 2CQR for Koha

Koha, though an open-source software, requires subject expertise for a successful installation and configuration. Koha is programmed with Perl, MySQL acts as the backend, and the server runs on Linux platform. We have personnels certified on Linux and well trained on Perl programming.
Apart from installation & configuration, our team is capable of understanding your requirements and providing the best solution. We have even integrated the concept of Egates  as a module in Koha. We can completely customize koha, add a module/delete a module/modify a module.
We provide a hands on training to the Library staffs on how to use koha and how to do the basic troubleshooting of it. We provide a Koha handbook for reference.
We provide 24X7 support. In case of any issues related to koha, one of our team mates will take a remote session of your server and start working on it. We take at most care that there is no downtime. Service could be charged on the level of complexity. In huge libraries with more than 1,00,000 books, data migration from one LMS to the other becomes a challenge. Its enough, if you give us the data in excel sheet, the data migration would be done in no time.