RFID Based Security Gates
RFID gates/Security System will stop any unauthorized book from going out of the library. It can alert the library staff by alarming. This can also be integrated with cctv camera or door lock mechanism for additional security.
If integrated with cctv, it can capture the picture when someone crosses the system with unauthorized item.
RFID gate can also be provided with inbuilt patron counter, which can give you the number of user entering the library.
Theft detection is an integral feature of the chip within the tag. It is a stand-alone technology, which operates independently of the library database.

Detect Armed RFID tags
Multi-item detection
Able to integrate camera with the gate (Option)
Gale to integrate with Surveillance Station (Option)

Single technology is required for both inventory and theft management of the library.
Library staff are alerted immediately when un-borrowed items pass through the theft detection gates.
Would-be thieves are deterred by the physical presence of the gates.
Number of patrons passing through the gates is captured by a counter on the gates Alarm volume can be easily controlled./div>
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